Dear Visitors,

Welcome to the Horse Yard permanent exposition

Today, the museum stable disposes of 2 ponies and 13 horses of other breeds, including Orlovsky and Russian Trotters, Trakehners, and cart-horses.

There used to be horse yards at the XVII century residence of the Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich. In the following, XVIII century, horse yards could be found in both Kolomenskoye and Dyakovo villages. The present-day Horse Yard complex exposition permits to trace the origin and history of horse breeding in Old Russia and to find out how well-known Russian horse breeds were developed.

Horse-riding makes part of the following topical tours and events:

1. Topical Tours:

Weekdays and Holidays at the Tsar’s Courtyard in the XVII Century;
Around Kolomenskoye In Carriages;
Around Kolomenskoye In Carriages (including a tour around the Horse Yard);
Secrets of the Horse Yard;
Front Gate – Museum of Wooden Architecture – Falconry Yard  (total time: 10 minutes. On Saturdays, the tour starts at 16.00);

2.Tourist Cultural Programs:

Russian Winter
Peter I in Kolomenskoye
My Faithful Friend the Steed Calls to Continue Our Journey

3. Weddings and other gala events.


Riding in a troika (a sledge or carriage drawn by three horses harnessed abreast) or in a one-horse carriage can be included as an option to any tour or tourist cultural program.

Please note:

1. Riding routes are strictly fixed;

2. Children under 7 must be accompanied by adults;

3. Visitors that wish to ride shall be instructed as to general and security regulations;

4. Please make the booking and payment in advance (no later than 3 days before the tour).

To book tours and tourist cultural programs, please call or send a fax to:

+7 (499) 615-27-68, +7 (499)-615-27-71



Thank you for following the general and security regulations.