Water Mill on the Zhuzha River

Water mills and smoke mills were an important part of household almost in every large population centre.

The construction of water mills has remained almost the same in the course of centuries. Mills in Russia have always been wooden; metal was used just for a few parts such as spindles, cramps and fastening details. The functioning mill restored in 2007 in Kolomenskoye has an overpick vertical wheel. In order the mill could function, a dam was build and a pond was created. The water from the pond comes to the wheel via a trough. A XIX century water mill from the village of Vladimirovka in Bratsk district of Irkutsk region served as authentic prototype for the newly restored mill. Water mills always existed near the village of Kolomenskoye.

The exposition acquaints the visitor with the grain milling process, the work of water wheel and the millstones. At the mill you can see historic every-day life items used preparing and treatment of flour. The mill reconstructed in Kolomenskoye is built of larch logs. The log construction is divided into two levels. At the first level there are two adjoining premises: one for grain milling, the other for the peasants. The second-level premises were used to carry sacks with grain and to pour it further to the milling ladle.

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