Tower of the Bratsk Stockaded Fort

bratskiy-ostrogThe exposition makes part of the Museum of Wooden Architecture. Founded by Cossacks in 1631 on the Angara River bank, the fort served as a stronghold for Russian settlers and authorities in the Baikal region.

The Bratsk Stockaded Fort played significant part in the development of Siberia and the Far East. In the XVII century, the way of many Russian explorers travelling across the country ran through the fort.

In the winter 1656-1657, the Bratsk Stockaded Fort and, possibly, its north-western tower, served as prison for Protopope Avvakum, Russian Old Believer writer.

In 1790, the Russian writer Alexander Radischev stayed at the Fort on his way to exile.

In the mid-XX century, after a group of archaeologists and ethnographers examined the flooding area of the Bratsk Reservoir that was constructed at that time and carried out a detailed study of the fort remains, it was decided to move the two surviving towers to a new place.

In 1959, the north-western tower was transported to Kolomenskoye and in 2007 it was restored.

Outdoor tours only. The territory of the museum-reserve is open from 8 a.m. till 9 p.m.

Age category: 6+

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