Russian XVII Century Art Treasures, exhibition at the Younger and Middle Tsarevnas’ Tower, Palace of the Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich

In 14 small chambers that constitute theTowerofYoungerand Middle Tsarevnas’ (the Tsar’s daughters) you can see authentic XVII century art objects belonging to the museum collection.

The exhibits rich in ornament, carving and the so-called “herbal painting” re-create a particular artistic world influenced by the bright folk imagination, the Russian dream about the beautiful and the idea of theEden garden that was closely associated by contemporaries with the wooden palace in Kolomenskoye.

The exhibits include elite icon painting of the Tsar’s isographs as well as icons created in small Central Russian towns ofYaroslavl,VologdaandPskov, on theVolgaand on the North of Russia. The XVII century icon painting tradition is known for multi-figure composition, great number of details, a “density” of painting, abundance of colours, ornament and intricate ligature of letters, great attention to landscape and architectural background of the icon, and a decorative character of painting in general.

The art of handwriting, miniature and book illustrations is shown by books decorated with head-pieces, engravings, bright ornaments full of bright inexhaustible imagination. The rich ornament of handwritten books permits to draw a parallel between this exquisite art and wood carving, ornamental painting on wood and icon painting.