Nikolay Durasov’s Palace in Liublino

The interior exposition of Nikolay Durasov’s Palace in Liublino carries the visitor to a peculiar world of country estates dating to the end of the XVIII and the beginning of the XIX century and tells about the every-day life and hobbies of their owners.

In the halls of Nikolay Durasov’s Palace that is the centre of a unique park and palace complex still existing in modern Moscow you can see furniture and painting, graphics and china, bronze and beads needlework, costume and fashionable accessories, constituting altogether a collection of authentic every-day life items of the golden age of Russian nobility.

On the ground floor you will find yourself in unique early XIX century interiors. The Round, White and Pink halls are decorated with bas-reliefs and ornament made by Giovanni Battista Scotti, a popular artist of the time. Fashionable and expensive grisaille and marble imitation techniques were used in interior design. The unique surviving parquet flooring is of special attention because of a variety of ornament, the colours conception and a combination of different kinds of wood.

First floor, Wedding Hall. The exposition presented here focuses on wedding traditions of XIX and the beginning of the XX century. Here you will see illustrations from fashionable French magazines of the XIX century, invitations to wedding parties and church wedding ceremonies, greetings postcards and wedding photos dating to the turn of the XX century. The display is completed by an authentic woman’s wedding dress and a man’s suit.

Second floor. There are many places delightfully adorned…The exposition with a poetic title is devoted to garden fashion of the end of XVIII and the beginning of XIX centuries. Here you will see illustrations of parks and gardens from the Garden Fashion, 1788 magazine.

The past days memory exposition tells about the Liublino estate owner Nikolay Durasov, state councillor and brigadier, and his heirs. It represents a reconstructed interior of the owner’s room decorated with authentic XIX century items illustrating the life of the man’s half of the estate.

The Temple of Tastes exposition at the drawing-room for ladies acquaints the visitor with the pastimes popular in the XVIII and XIX centuries, in particular to the music leisure of the estate owners. The orchestra of Nikolay Durasov’s Palace was considered the best and the most complete one. In the interior you can see engravings showing musical instruments as well as pictures and accessories embroidered with beads.

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