“Izmailovo: a XVII century Family Estate of the Tsar”

In 1654, the vast ancestral boyars’ lands of Izmailovo come into possession of Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich Romanov. Since then Izmailovo, which had attracted the Tsar by its hunting grounds, makes part of the palace household.

Beginning from the 1660s, grandiose building jobs started in Izmailovo: several hundreds of peasants broke new roads, dug up ponds, built dams and erected the palace complex buildings. Izmailovo was turned into an economically important new-type Tsar’s estate with the largest experimental household of the time that comprised vast fields, an apothecary garden, a flax factory, a glass factory, 37 ponds, bee yards, mills, and dairies. At the Izmailovo estate, new crop plants were developed and first farm machines were invented and put to use. But all this large ho8usehold centred on the palace estate built in 1671 – 1682 on an artificial island specially created.
Among the XVII century buildings that have survived to our days on the Izmailovo Island there are Bridge Tower (built in 1671 – 1679), the Intercession Cathedral (built in 1671 – 1679), as well as the East (Front) and West (Back) entrance Gates (built in 1679 – 1682),
At the Great Exhibition Hall you can see fragments of Izmailovo Lion Gates that have been preserved thanks to architect and restorer Peter Baranovsky, a unique collection of drawings showing the Izmailovo lands in the XVII century, glazed tiles, farming tools and many other things.

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