Waterworks (Izmailovo)

The waterworks is located in the south-eastern part of the Izmailovo Island, on the Serebryanka River bank. This household structure was used for water supply of the Izmailovo Nikolaevsky military alms-house whose main quarters were situated to the north of it. There is no archival or literary information concerning the existence of the waterworks on the Izmailovo Island that is why the date of its construction is still questionable.

I. Vobly, explorer of the architectural monuments in Izmailovo, supposes that this household structure is the remains of the Prikaz (chancellery) chambers or the Custody facility. According to the Izmailovo extant inventory lists written in the 1680s, Prikaz chambers really existed in the village but the location is unknown. I. Vobly supposes that it is the bottom part of the waterworks southern wall with windows that dates back to the XVII century.
Full-scale investigations showed that the waterworks was renovated in the XIX century. Vobly supposes that the western part of the structure was added to the main part (built in the XVII century) during these repair works.

In the 1860s, water supply system construction was being completed on the Izmailovo island. Those supporting another version of when the waterworks was built think that at that time a small square one-storeyed structure was erected on the bank of the river and an extension to it was added at the end of the XIX century. The results of the brickwork investigation confirm this version.
The structure is decorated in the Russian Revival style, typical for Izmailovo later constructions.