Walls of Tsar’s Courtyard (Kolomenskoye)

The massive blind stone wall that adjoins the Back Gate from the north-west and continues toward the Church of Our Lady of Kazan as well as the wall of the Food Yard are extant elements of the wall of the Tsar’s Courtyard built in the XVII century.

All the structures of the Tsar’s Courtyard in Kolomenskoye summer residence were built simultaneously in the 1670s.

The wall and its gates were an integral part of the Tsar’s Courtyard complex. The Front Gate served as gala entrance to the estate while the Back Gate was mainly used for household needs as well as for entrance of Streltsy regiments to the territory of the Tsar’s Courtyard.

Besides there used to be the Garden Gate leading to the Ascension Garden and the gate in the western part of the wall that went to the Food Yard. The wall made partly of wood and partly of stone was built in the form of a rectangle which provided security to the Tsar’s residence as all the structures of the Tsar’s Courtyard were located within the wall. The wall was repaired and reconstructed several times and only some parts and elements have been preserved till our days.