Wall and Foundation of the Food Yard (Kolomenskoye)

The Food Yard wall was built at the same time as the Back Gate. Its western part faced the so-calledMoscowroad while the eastern one looked on the household yard.

Almost the entire wall made part of certain household structures and simultaneously served as the western wall of the Food and Bread Yards. The mentioned premises built in 1667-1668, the same time as the Palace of Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich, represented a complex of stone household structures that included bakery, food storage facility and a kitchen where different dishes of meat, fish, vegetables and grain were cooked. By the middle of the XVIII century the wall and household structures had become dilapidated and in 1815, most buildings were deconstructed though the wall was preserved.

In 2000-2003, the authorities of the Museum-Reserve together with the Archaeological Heritage Protection Board with Cultural Heritage Committee of the City of Moscow held a complex architectural and archeological research on the site of the Food and Bread Yards.

The foundations of household structures, cellars and the adjoining Streltsy Guard-house were restored and exposed to the public; the territory planning of the XVII century was reconstructed. The archeological discoveries made on the site reached more than 400 items including a statue of Pallas Athena of the XIX century from Catherine theGreatPalacethat is exhibited nowadays at the Front Gate exposition.

Besides, restoration of the Food Yard wall was held including the historical reconstruction of a household gate.