Tower of Nikolo-Korelsky Monastery

A legend has it that the monastery was founded by St. Euphemius of Karelia at the turn of the XV century. It was situated at the Northern Dvina outflow, not far from the White Sea. The monastery was first mentioned in a chronicle in 1419. Gradually it became the first Russian sea port that accepted overseas ships and for a hundred years remained an important traffic centre.
In 1731, the writer and great scientist Mikhail Lomonosov set for studies to Moscow from Nikolo-Korelsky monastery.
At the end of the XVII century, a new solid wall with seven towers was erected around the monastery. In the eastern part of the wall, a new pine log passage tower with a folding gate was erected in the place of the dismantled Epiphany Church.
The tower had no military function, which was not typical of wooden towers of late XVII century monasteries. It was a household structure and at the same time a symbol of spiritual strength.

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