The Summerhouse in Lefortovo

This is an example of а classical summerhouse that could usually be seen in palace, park and garden ensembles at the end of the 18th — the beginning of the 19th centuries. It was reconstructed at the beginning of the 20th century.
According to the inscription plate on the tympanum, this summerhouse was built in 1805 as a reminder of the favorite resting place of Tsar Peter I. During the storm of 1904 the summerhouse was destroyed but it was reconstructed by order of Great Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich and his sons Ivan, Gabriel (Gavriil) and Konstantin.
The summerhouse is built in the form of a semirotunda consisting of 8 granite Doric columns and standing on a high white stone socle. The main façade is designed as a triumph arch with a pair of columns on each side and broken impediment of a triangle form supported by two pairs of corbels. On the tympanum one can see a marble plate indicating the dates of building and reconstruction of the summerhouse. It is probable that there used to be steps leading to the summerhouse from the ground which have not survived. Inside the summerhouse you can see a granite stela with the bust of Peter I and the inscription, which reads as follows: ‘My Münnich’s efforts have cured me. I hope to sail with him someday from Petersburg to Moscow and to come ashore at Golovinsky Garden’.

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