The Memorial Pole dedicated to the abolition of serfdom in Russia (Kolomesnkoye)

The Memorial Pole was erected presumably in 1881 after the death of Alexander II by peasants of the Shaydorovo village in gratitude to the Emperor for the abolition of serfdom inRussia. It was installed in the middle of a street or crossroad so that everyone could look at it from different points.

In the 1970s, during the demolition of houses in thevillageofShaydorovoin order to start new construction, this monument was transported to the Kolomenskoye museum for temporary storage. Nowadays, the monument is installed on the territory of the Tsar’s Courtyard in the central part of Kolomenskoye Estate Ensemble of the XVI-XVII centuries.

The monument standing on two stylobate platforms is a white stone pole (about12 feethigh) consisting of four main parts: a socle, two central blocks and decorated top. According to archives, this monument was adorned with icons and inscriptions that have not been preserved.