Cooking Chamber (Kolomenskoye)

The Cooking Chamber was one of the Sitny Yard structures located in the central part of the Kolomenskoye estate and executing household functions at the Tsar’s Courtyard in the XVII century. The Cooking Chamber was destroyed in the first quarter of the XIX century and with the help of complex researches it was reconstructed in 2006-2008. This household structure is a monument built during the reign of Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich and it is an embodiment of construction activity growth in the Kolomenskoye estate.

The monument was more often referred to as the Brewery, which points at special functions that it executed among other household structures of the Sitny Yard as it was used for preparing and storing beverages for the Tsar’s table.

According to the results of the examination of wall and foundation remnants the Cooking Chamber was bigger and taller than all other household structures in the Sitny Yard. In the opinion of architect Ivan Makovetsky, who devoted many years of his life to examining monuments in the Kolomenskoye estate, this household structure was a real brewing plant with its own equipment. In the books of the Sekretny Prikaz (Office of Secret Affairs) he found a lot of records of hop and malt supplies sent to the Kolomenskoye estate.

In 1812, the Brewery was damaged in the explosion organized by French soldiers or their allies. In 1814, the dismantling of the half-destroyed Catherine’s Palace, the Food Yard, the Steward’s chambers and the Cooking Chamber as well as some premises of the Kolomensky Prikaz (administrative office) started.

From the 1920s till the beginning of the XXI century, numerous archeological excavations and examinations took place on the territory of the Tsar’s Courtyard. The results of these works helped to prepare a project of the Cooking Chamber reconstruction that was held in 2006-2008.

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