Saviour (Back) Gate and Streltsy Guard-house (Kolomenskoye)

The Saviour Gate built in the 1670s, at the same time as the walls of the Tsar’s Courtyard, served as an entrance to the household part of the estate.

The gate was named after the Christ the Saviour icon, one of those located over the driveway arches. Another name known since olden times is the Back Gate.

The gate has a broad driveway and a smaller passage; the gate doors used to be solid.

The Streltsy Guard-houses adjoined the gate on the south. It was built in the 1680s and served to provide security inside and outside the Tsar’s residence. The Guard-house was dismantled in 1814 during the construction of thepalaceofEmperor AlexanderI (1801–1825).

In 2001-2003, experts of the Moscow State Integrated Museum-Reserve held full-scale restoration of the Back Gate and in 2007, the Streltsy Guard-house was reconstructed.