Passage Tower of Nikolo-Korelsky Monastery

In1932, agatetowerofNikolo-Korelsky Monasterythat was located within 34 versts (about32 kilometresor22.5 miles) ofArkhangelskand within 2 versts (1.8 kilometresor1.3 miles) of the White Sea, on the territory of the presentSeverodvinsk, was transported to Kolomenskoye.

Till the beginning of the 1990s archeologists presumed that the gate tower was built in 1691-1692. But during the last decade researchers, and first of all specialists of the Carency restoration company, found out that the preserved tower could have been built only after the fire that took place in the monastery in 1789 and destroyed the towers and walls erected at the end of the XVII century. By 1880 the monastery wall had again become dilapidated and was replaced with a new one; meanwhile the towers, including the gate tower, remained the same as they were only covered with a coat of wooden batten. Pictures of the gate tower made by artist V. Plotnikov in 1906 as well as blueprints made by architect D. Mileev have been preserved and serve as the only unquestionable graphical evidence of the tower state before it was examined, deconstructed and transported to the Kolomenskoye museum under the supervision of Peter Baranovsky.

In 2007, the tower was deconstructed again, restored and transported to a new site. All the restoration carpentry was implemented according to the historical technology known in the XVII and XVIII century. Notably, the instruments used by the restorers were replicas of those applied at the time when the tower was built. The restoration of logs was held: dilapidated elements were replaced with those made of new materials, surface decay was removed. The restoration process could be noted for a wider use of traditional carpentry techniques such as manual adjustment, cut-in and dowelling.



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