Palace Pavillion, 1825 (Kolomenskoye)

Palace Pavillion is the only building that remained of the palace of Alexander I built at the beginning of the 19th century. The young Emperor-to-be together with his grandmother Catherine the Great visited the Kolomenskoye estate very often.
In 1825, according to the project of Eugraph Tyurin, a new palace for Alexander I was built on the place of the ramshackle Catherine’s palace, but the tsar died that year and had no chance to visit it. In the 1870’s, the derelict palace was deconstructed and only the Pavillion that served as a tea house or home theatre remained.
On the northern and southern sides of the Pavillion there were terraces with wonderful panoramic view. The main façade overlooking the river is decorated with Doric portico and there are two lioness sculptures on both sides of the broad stair. In the Pavillion one can visit exhibitions from the museum stock and exhibitions of modern paintings, sculptures and applied art, or attend concerts of chamber classic or folk music as well as Russian love songs.
In 2005-2006, the Moscow State Integrated Museum-Reserve held full-scale restoration works in the Pavillion that brought back its original appearance.