North dwelling premises of the alms-house officials (Izmailovo)

The long two-storeyed building is located in the northern part of the alms-house. The North dwelling premises were reconstructed in the 1970s on the site of a one-storeyed household structure built in the XVII century. At the turn of the XVIII century the building became dilapidated and in the 1830s, when the whole former Tsar’s residence came over to the Military Department, the authorities considered reconstruction of the building and its usage for the alms-house needs. In the 1850s, the building fell into disrepair and was deconstructed because of lack of financial resources. However, the outside northern wall of the building was preserved and served as part of the Courtyard’s wall till the 1930s when it was deconstructed as well.

The exterior of the building was typical forMoscowarchitecture of the XVII century. Two broad lesenes vertically divided the main southern façade that had as well a profiled cornice dividing it in horizontal line. The rectangular windows of the ground floor were in profiled niches as well as the doors that were framed with moldings. The semicircular windows of the first floor had molding frames and triangle frontons, and a profiled cornice surmounting the building.