Mokhovaya (Moss) Tower of Sumskoy Stockaded Fort (Museum of Wooden Architecture, Kolomenskoye)

The Sumskoy Stockaded Fort located on the shore of theWhite Seawas built of wood as many other Russian forts of the XVI and XVII centuries. Fortification skill of Russian fort builders was on such a high level that walls and towers could stand fire military attacks. Only the north-western (Mokhovaya) tower of the Sumskoy Stockaded Fort built at the beginning of the 1680s has been preserved till our days and was stored dismantled for a long time at the Kolomenskoye museum. This monument has a greatest historical and architectural significance as no other wooden monument of defensive architecture is left in the European part ofRussia. On the original logs of the tower one can see marks of Swedish case-shot that was used in attacks in the XVI and XVII centuries.

In 1931, the remnants of the Sumskoy Stockaded Fort were examined by
architects and restorers Peter Baranovsky and Vladimir Ivanov. Seventy years later, the results of their research, as well as the data on the monument’s state by that moment and archival information about the stockaded fort itself and its analogues (first of all, Kem Town on the White Sea) let architects carry out a documentarily proved reconstruction of the north-western (Mokhovaya) tower with the adjoining wall fragments, which brought to life the intention of Peter Baranovsky to save the monument from complete abandon and destruction.

In the Mokhovaya tower of the Sumskoy Stockaded Fort one can visit an exposition dedicated to the history of this military fort and its role in the defensive system of Pomorye (White Sea shore) from the end of the XVI century till the beginning of the XVIII century. One can learn about everyday life of soldiers who defended the stockaded fort and see everyday household items and a reconstructed interior of the icon corner.

The exposition on the first storey of the tower is devoted to the military history of the tower itself. One can see documents on the Sumskoy Stockaded Fort history, military equipment, clothes and weapon made after authentic XVII century examples.

On the second floor of the tower, where guardhouse used to be situated, one can visit an exposition dedicated to the defensive system of the North Russian territories.