Fryazhsky Cellar (Kolomenskoye)

The Fryazhsky Cellar located in the centre of the museum territory is a small structure that makes part of the Sitny Yard, a complex of household buildings. Besides the cellar, the Sitny Yard comprises the Steward’s Chamber and the Vinegar and Bread Chamber. The latter used to house ovens for bread baking as well as those for brewing ‘vinegars’, that is wine and kvass. One more building of this vast complex, the Cooking Chamber, has not been preserved. The Fryazhsky Cellar was part of the Storage facility where ice-houses were arranged. It is highly possible that the cellar received its name after the so-called fryazhskie (European or overseas) wines that were stored there. This name was not generally accepted: in some resources the cellar is called ‘warm’ (opposed to ice-houses proper) or the cellar ‘for vegetable storage’.

The Storage facility was rebuilt several times, but during the Patriotic Wart of 1812 the chambers over the Fryazhsky Cellar were exploded and it was buried up to the surface level and remained in the same condition till1975. In1979-1980, under the guidance of architect Nikolay Sveshnikov, research was carried out on the site. As a result, white stone walls of the cellar, white stone stairways as well as the upper and lower paces were restored, and the brickwork above the surface was reconstructed.

In 2007-2008, the Fryazhsky Cellar was completely restored and nowadays one can visit this great architectural monument of the XVII century and take part in tourist and cultural folk programs that are held there.