Research Library

The research library is a section of the museum’s Research Division and is intended for the museum personnel.


Contact persons

Irina Morozova, Head of the Research Library Section –

Razilya Davydova, librarian –


The library stock comprises about 14,000 books and 140 periodic publications as well as a collection of 1,634 books that belonged to Anatoly Ambroz (1929-1985), archaeologist and Doctor of Historical Sciences.


Priority subjects: history ofRussiaandMoscow, ethnology, estates culture, museology and archiving, Orthodoxy and Old Belief, decorative and applied arts, icon painting, architecture, graphics and sculpture.


Besides, the library stock comprises literature on Russian regional studies, landscape design, horse breeding, beekeeping, general and discipline-specific encyclopaedias, dictionaries and reference books.


The library stock is expanded thanks to budgetary financing, museum publications as well as offerings of museum personnel or the authors. Organizations such as Moscow City Archives Association, Russian State Library, Rudentsov and Tonchu publishing houses, Russian andMoscowmuseums etc. contribute greatly to the stock replenishment.


Reference aids
The reference aids include alphabetic, system, electronic and card-catalogues. The IRBIS Libraries Automation System that has been used by the museum research library since 2010 has permitted to introduce about 4,000 electronic descriptions of books, analytical reviews of newspaper articles as well as articles from magazines and almanacs, descriptive data on new acquisitions and publications acquired before the system was introduced.


Displays of new acquisitions are regularly organized at the museum. Newsletters informing about new acquisitions are distributed to the museum personnel by e-mail.


Topical exhibitions may be timed to holidays or other special calendar dates.

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