Exhibitions realized in Kolomenskoye within the ‘Open Air Sculpture’ series project

The two historic figures represented in sculpture now welcome the visitors of Kolomenskoye. Thanks to the art of detail the skillful world-known modern master, Georgy Frangulyan, showed them as living persons with distinctive traits of character who seem to have never left their country residence


A copy of the famous modern sculpture of Peter I now stands in front of the 1702 House of Peter I at the Tsar’s Courtyard in Kolomenskoye. The original monument is situated in Antwerp, Belgium. Its author, world-known master Georgy Frangulyan, has contributed to many countries and cities having created, among others, ‘Crucifix’ for St. Francis Church in Ravenna, Italy, ‘The Barque of Dante’ in Venice, a monument to Alexander Pushkin in Brussels, monuments to poets Iosif Brodsky and Bulat Okujava in Moscow.

The original sculpture of Peter I decorating the centre of Antwerp since 1998 has been listed by UNESCO among the best ten street sculptures of Europe.


An author’s copy of the ‘Tsarina Elizabeth, daughter of Peter I’ sculpture had been installed near the wooden Palace of Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich in Kolomenskoye until the December 2020. The original equestrian monument was created by Georgy Frangulyan for Russia’s most north-western town, Baltiysk, Kaliningrad Region. Elisabeth seems to float in the air facing Europe and pointing to Russia with a hand gesture.

The author took the chance to create the first equestrian monument of the Empress. It is known that Elisabeth preferred to ride wearing man’s dress, but when age permitted her no more to do so, special garments combining a man’s uniform and a woman’s dress were designed for her.

The model monuments of the two Russian Emperors have not accidentally been installed in Kolomenskoye. Peter I spent his childhood in this country residence. As a youth he would arrange mock battles, and later on would celebrate his true victories here. On 29 December 1709, when Peter I triumphantly entered Moscow, he suddenly ordered to turn back. Postponing the victory celebration, he hurried to welcome my daughter Elisabeth to this world. The future Empress was born in Kolomenskoye.

The museum-reserve territory is open for visitors from 6.00 to 22.00, access is free

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