Architectural Landmarks

Church of Beheading of St. John the Forerunner (Kolomenskoye)

The church, which is a monument of the so-called oprichny school of Russian architecture known in the 1560s and the 1570s, the late period of Ivan IV the Terrible’s reign, has no direct analogues in style. One of the architectural characteristics of the church is the compositional complexity coming up to excessive pretentiousness and the abundance of decoration elements that is typical for the Late Gothic architecture. Those peculiarities are not accidental: the church may be a canalized but evident example of a ‘Russian-European’ construction, whose particular features invoke the idea of the creative beginning typical for the Renaissance architecture.

Dyakovo Hillfort (Kolomenskoye)

The settlement gave its name to the Dyakovo archeological culture that spread on a big territory from the upstream of theVolgaRiverto theOkaRiverfrom the VIII century B.C. till the VIII century A.D. The most ancient settlers on this territory were Finno-Ugric tribes, but at the beginning of the new era the Balts advanced toMoskvaRiver basin. Till the III century B.C. the settlement consisted of 2 or 3 long houses with a gable roof supported by pillars and walls made of hurdle. The house was divided into several small rooms with open fire places in the centre of each one. Hand-made pottery

Natural sites (Kolomenskoye)

Natural sites are unique irreplaceable complexes valuable from the ecological, scientific, cultural and aesthetical points of view that include objects both of natural and man-made origin. On the territory of modern Moscow, near the historical villages of Kolomenskoye and Dyakovo, one can see unique relief forms, geological outcrops, large stones (boulders), long-living trees and valuable plant communities. In order to preserve the most valuable natural spots on the territory of the museum-reserve 10 Specially Protected Natural Areas (SPNA) were selected as natural sites. The natural objects thus registered are to be used in compliance with special regulations and enjoy particular