Theatre School gallery, Liublino

5 September 2018 – 31 March 2019

The research of scents that make an integral part of our everyday life is very popular in the modern world. Scents and aromas can easily adapt to the needs of the present and change with the times. There is no doubt that the success of a perfume production depends primarily on the quality of aromatic mixtures, however, even most delicate aromas won’t be appreciated if you put them into plain bottles. This is why the form and content naturally complement each other in the perfume and cosmetic industry.


The exhibition presents photos of unique perfume bottles. It is hard to believe but sometimes a mere look at an elegant bottle can arouse very strong emotions in your heart.


Age category: 6+

Address: bldg 1, 2 Letnyaya Street, Volzhskaya subway station

Exhibition opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday – from 10.00 to 6.00 p.m., closed on Mondays.

Tickets are available at the museum ticket offices from 9.45 a.m. till 5.30 p.m., as well as on the official web-site of the museum.

To visit the exhibition, buy a ticket to the Theatre School.